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Way back in 2010, when e-commerce was, if not quite in its infancy, but certainly in its stroppy teens, Electio MD David Grimes, was feeling equally frustrated and rebellious.  The crux of his problem? The poor quality technology on offer to help ecommerce businesses send parcels.

Like all entrepreneurs, once he’d identified the problem, David went about finding ways to fix it. The result was the industry-pioneering software that powers My Parcel Delivery, the consumer and SME business parcel delivery comparison website delivering over 2 million items each year, recently voted one of the top 50 most disruptive companies in the UK.

All the blood, sweat and tears that went into this mammoth endeavour, gave David and his crack tech team unrivalled insight into the technical challenges posed by integrating software into the platforms of large carrier networks. It also highlighted the lack of common industry standards, the impacts of frequent price and service updates, and the unexpected service issues impacting on customers, such as Black Friday demand.

Fast-forward to the present day, and thanks to a multi-million pound investment from Praetura Capital and Seneca Partners, the team has launched Electio, the delivery management platform that retailers have been waiting for. Both businesses now fall within the MPD Group whose mission is to continually develop best-in-class technology that provides our customers with dynamic, flexible access to global shipping services.

Electio has been a glint in David’s eye ever since larger businesses came knocking on his door asking for an integrated API version of his software platform, citing frustration at the lack of choice in the industry, the slow pace of integration and how smaller retailers are not catered for.

Electio allows retailers of all sizes, to fulfil ever-growing customer expectations on delivery. With over 100 services from the world’s leading carriers; a dynamic allocation engine that selects the best service for your consignment; win-win rate cards; and integration that takes as little as 3 weeks, it’s set to deliver just what the e-commerce industry has been crying out for.