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We know that delivery is a massive issue for ecommerce businesses. Customers want more and they want it faster, smarter and cheaper. We also know that managing the delivery process and relationships with carriers can be a huge headache, and a drain on resources.

From what we’re hearing, our customers have had enough of managing manually what they think software could do better. That’s why we’ve created Electio, a Delivery Management Platform built to help ecommerce businesses manage their delivery offerings and meet the demands of the 21st century shopper.

But while we know Electio is brilliant, we also appreciate that there are inevitable questions around Delivery Management Platforms such as: what will it really do to improve my business? will it be a nightmare to implement? and how quickly will it save me money?

There are few misconceptions out there, based on the way things have been done in the past, so let’s clear up some of those myths surrounding DMPs first:

They’re too expensive
People are often surprised to hear how affordable some of the more recent options are. And, as they will help you make better delivery decisions from day one, you will soon see a return on your investment.

Only the biggest retailers install them
This may have been true in the past, but not anymore. There are new solutions out there that are changing the game for growing retailers. 

They’re a nightmare to integrate 
Each DMP provider will be different, but the best teams will have your system up and running in a matter of hours. All the preparation and legwork will have been done for you before installation day so you can plug-in and start using the platform straight away. 

You can only use a limited number of carriers
Not true. Your DMP provider should have a huge carrier library for you to choose from. And if they don’t already have relationships with your favourite carriers? Well, they should be able and happy to integrate them quickly and easily for you.

Why do we have DMPs?
DMPs help companies compete in today’s ecommerce environment. Gone are the days of 5-7 working day deliveries and trips to the depot to pick up a missed delivery… it’s simply not acceptable to modern consumers. Shoppers also expect options. Whether it’s click and collect, express, or tracked they’re after, it’s the retailer’s job to offer it. Ecommerce brands are competing against the global superpower that is Amazon, for example, so it’s vital to have systems that can help them compete.

What’s wrong with the old-fashioned way?
Forward thinking ecommerce players recognise that the consumer is in control and that the delivery choice needs to work for them if they’re going to complete their purchase. But handling all of the carrier relationships necessary to make these options a reality is, horribly time consuming and a headache for companies that just want to focus on running their businesses.  Worryingly, the time wasted managing the process manually means many retailers are essentially throwing money away. This is where a DMP comes into its own. 

A DMP contains a ‘selection engine tool’ that examines multiple elements of each delivery your warehouse processes and decides which carrier to use based on a pre-determined set of criteria (stated by you!) For example it can consider: cost, weight, dimensions of package, destination, value of item, delivery date, and carrier cut-off times. It then automatically prints the associated labels and documentation – simple as that! Your parcels are sent via the best carrier option every time, and your teams don’t need to spend precious time fretting over it themselves.

If you’re still not convinced, here’s a breakdown of some of the other benefits you’ll see using a DMP:

1. The experts can negotiate for you
Juggling so many carriers and negotiating good deals with each of them can be time-consuming. Your DMP provider already has existing relationships with the carriers in their library and can pass their bulk purchasing power onto you. 

2. Ability to ramp up international delivery.
Having access to a huge carrier library through your DMP provider is an investment which will put you in great stead for the future. If and when you fancy dipping your toes into international waters, additional carrier services can be integrated into your platform for you. A brilliant function which gives you the power to grow quickly and easily.

3. Customer service
Every parcel sent through the DMP will be fully searchable and trackable through the user dashboard. This means you can address any problems before the customer even knows about it, be proactive, and inform them if their parcel is delayed. Less precious time will be spent on the phone to customers trying to explain where their parcel is.

4. Standardised communication
Communicating these messages from your carrier to the customer becomes more straightforward. The typical language that different carriers use to relay the status of a parcel is scrapped. Rather than wording that is open to misinterpretation, a great DMP will translate multiple carrier-speak into standardised, jargon-free language to ensure clarity for customers and internal staff. 

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