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The economy is a global beast and notoriously hard to predict, but there is one thing you can bank on. If you're in the logistics or retail industry, the cost of transporting goods is central to your livelihood, and the price of fuel is a significant part of this cost.


The latest Electio ebook, the second in our Global Series, takes a closer look at the some of the factors affecting oil prices, considering how changes in fuel costs could affect the different freight industries, and aims to provide practical tips on how to future-proof your business for these inevitable changes.


This ebook covers:

  • How important are fuel costs to carriers?

  • How do fuel cost calculators work?

  • How do oil price fluctuations directly impact carrier costs for retailers?

  • As a retailer or operator, how can you use a fuel cost calculator to your own benefit?

  • What’s the worst that can happen and do carriers need to be so cautious with their pricing?


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