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Predications for peak this year vary; conservative estimates are for £5 billion in sales on Black Friday alone. This manic shopping spree at the end of November marks the beginning of the busiest shopping period of the year. But in order to ease the pressure, some retailers have already started rolling out the discounts.

Our Commercial Director Andrew Hill has recently written about the shifting Black Friday sale days, along with a whole host of other advice he’s garnered from years in the industry.

He looks at:

  • Peak forecasting for carriers, using data from previous years to estimate quantities and the importance of not being too overambitious
  • The Brexit factor and its impact on international sales
  • How tech knowledge and understanding peak capacity could make or break your peak experience
  • Marketing your way out of it and how to extend offers to ease pressure
  • Understanding what motivates your customers

And much, much more.

Read Andrew’s Pulse post here and also learn more about how effective lines of communication between retailers and carriers could make the whole season a much jollier one.