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If you walk into a coffee shop one morning and, upon request, the barista smiles and happily makes you a low-fat soy, extra hot, double shot, tall, whipped cream caramel latte, it’s obvious that the company expertly understands your needs and values your custom. It’s also obvious that you might be a little bit too picky…

If a hairdresser listens to you and manages to give you a trim just the way you like it, you’re much more likely to become a repeat customer and recommend the company to all your friends.

From your name scribbled on a Starbucks cup to clever ads in your email inbox, personalisation is about the consumer getting a tailored and individual experience that ultimately (and hopefully) results in them giving up more of their time, money and loyalty to a brand.

The customer is always right – now, more than ever before. We have the expectation that we can tailor and tweak our purchases at almost every touch point to fit around us. It’s not good enough for prescribed delivery times anymore; consumers lead busy and demanding lives, with companies continually competing to give them the most personalised and convenient service possible.

My bugbear with this is that, even with all this personalisation potential, there is still a drop off ‘hot spot’ when it comes to online purchasing and delivery options. Retail basket abandonment was at a whopping 74% in 2016. If you ask me, that’s far too high. That’s too many poor customer experiences and too many missed opportunities for retailers. Online shoppers want their transactions and online experiences to be as quick, simple and low effort as possible. Some research from Microsoft suggests that humans now have shorter attention spans than goldfish, so it doesn’t work to make checkout hard for users.

At Electio we took this bugbear, which we share with everyone delivering ecommerce, and developed Basket Hero – our ground-breaking delivery management platform. For customers, the Basket Hero technology provides the power and choice that is craved at checkout by offering personalised delivery options based on the individual. For ecommerce providers, Basket Hero offers the opportunity to increase conversions and reduce basket abandonment – giving you time to put your focus into other important things, like growing your business.

Someone once said to me that they think Starbucks purposely spells our names wrong on our cups. From a marketing perspective, how many times have you seen pictures on social media of the famous logo on famous takeaway cups next to funny typos or misheard names? There’s the infamous tale of the guy who told the barista that his name was ‘Marc with a c’, and his cup read ‘Cark’. It’s shareable and it gets people talking. Now I’m definitely not suggesting that we get personalisation wrong on purpose, but it really highlights the power of allowing customers to tell a business what they want rather than a business just providing what they think the customer needs.

The Electio crowd will be at IRX on the 5th and 6th of April 2017 so, if you’re around, pop over to stand E71 and say hello. The team will be on hand to chat about Basket Hero, personalisation, the weather or even just this week’s football results...