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Past the point of no returns – making reverse logistics pay

Tom - 16.03.2016

Logistics has played the ever-quickening game of catch-up against the major retailers, who are able to keep pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in online retail. From locker collection to guaranteed pre-9am arrival, innovation has forced us to improve, and as a result, our delivery industry is one of the best in the world. But there’s one last hurdle – returns.

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How do online retailers deal with returns? We send in the mystery shoppers

Tom - 11.03.2016

Shopping online has its perks. Avoiding the Saturday crowds, convenience, and more choice in terms of availability, just to name a few. However, sometimes people are put-off because when it comes to returns, they think it would be easier to take an item back to the shop, rather than going through what they imagine is a complicated process. In the past, they were probably right.

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