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With the 21st Century shopper becoming ever more demanding in terms of delivery expectations, improving the choice of delivery options is rising up your customers’ agendas.

Becoming an Electio partner is therefore the perfect opportunity for you to capitalise on this, adding value to your customers, and substantially growing your offering, and your business, in the process. Electio is a delivery management platform that delivers many benefits to both channel partners and their retail customers alike.

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to channel partners

A wide choice of delivery options provides you with a credible USP.
Simple API ensures quick and easy integration into your platform,  in as little as 3 weeks, giving your customers access to over 100 delivery services in one go.
A carrier library that is growing weekly, with new services, allowing you to offer more choice to your clients without integrating new carriers directly.
Round the clock technical support and a dedicated account  management team means no extra workload is placed on you.
Your platform benefits from Electio’s investment in marketing, raising awareness, and disruption in the industry.

to your customers

The ability to offer over 100 delivery options from the world’s  leading carriers, including domestic, international and click & collect (even if they don’t own stores), allaying the risk of relying on a sole carrier.
Win-win rate card allowing the integration of previously negotiated rates with a specific carrier into the platform, or the use of Electio best prices, helping you offer lower shipping rates.
Sophisticated, dynamic allocation engine that always chooses the best service for the consignment, guided by rules configured to your customers’ preferences eg lowest cost, most reliable delivery service, speed of delivery etc.
Bespoke reporting for each of your customers, showing carrier  delivery performance and volumes, enabling you to keep them fully  informed about delivery.
Tracking module that ‘speaks human’, imparting information in plain language to customer service teams and your customers’ customers alike.
The reassurance of 24/7 technical support meaning super-fast  resolution of issues.