Electio was designed in response to repeated calls to shake up the industry and overcome the challenges associated with existing solutions. In Electio, we have invested all of the knowledge, experience and customer feedback we gained from developing the award-winning software that powers My Parcel Delivery.

Below are all of the modules available to our Electio customers; modules that can transform and add serious value to the way you work.

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Electio's Operations Dashboard is seriously simple to use and will improve your ability to see how you’re shipping each day.

With our dashboard you can:

- Actively manage carrier spend, volume by carrier and balance loads
- Resolve service exceptions
- Standardise terminology across all carriers so it can be simply understood by all users
electio Dashboard screenshot



Users drive efficiencies with Electio. Our dynamic allocation engine automates the allocation of parcels based on business rules you set.

The intuitive UI:

- Guarantees user engagement; you can set or change the rules
- Means there’s no need to call on expensive developer resource
- Allows for new carrier services to be added at the click of a button
- Is elegant and easy-to-use
Settings Screenshot


Electio’s tracking data give you a powerful opportunity to automate proactive communications with your customers.

With the InTouch module you can:

- Send branded emails and texts to keep your customers informed at every step
- Reduce ‘where is my order?’ calls, saving you money
- Improve your customer experience
tracking screenshots


Electio offers a suite of customisable reports giving you unrivalled  insight into carrier performance.

With real-time data at your fingertips you can:

- Analyse the percentage of shipments delivered within SLAs and volumes shipped with each carrier
- Understand financial performance and variance between expected and actual costs
- Discover if and when customers receive their shipments and assess carrier performance
- Track trends and insights on customisable timelines
Financial Performance Screenshot

basket hero

Inconvenient or expensive delivery choices at the checkout are the main reasons for basket abandonments. And with the top 20 UK retailers offering  an average of six delivery options, Basket Hero is the simple, accessible  solution the industry needs.

With Basket Hero you can:

- Quickly and seamlessly connect to our library of leading carriers
- Offer personalised delivery options based on a customer’s location and the time of day they’re ordering
- Remember the delivery promise made at checkout and ensure it is honoured, even if a different carrier is allocated in the warehouse
Basket Hero Mobile Screenshots

invoice reconciliation

Now you can remove the need for lengthy manual invoice reconciliation  that also risks being inaccurate.

With Electio’s invoicing module you can:

- Have 100% true cost management, as opposed to estimated costs
- Effortlessly invoice match, at individual shipment level, utilising configured rate structures and surcharges, to increase efficiency
- Recognise different carrier invoice formats plus consignments split over several invoices, saving time and reducing admin errors
Invoice Reconciliation Screenshot

return it

A retailer’s returns policy is now even more important to customers than delivery options. And with Electio’s Return IT module you can offer your customers a wider range of returns choices to reduce barriers to sale and meet their growing demands for convenience.

You can also combat attempts for fraudulent returns. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and see how Electio can deliver big returns for you.

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