how it works

Electio has been specially designed to allow you to integrate our APIs into your OMS or WMS, meaning you design the solution you need. We are of course also on hand to help out, if IT resource is scarce, on a consultancy basis.

How do I connect to it?
The below is the Electio process, from learning about its many benefits, to realising its full transformational potential.

Extra Help Available

  • Consultancy eg on your carrier strategy
  • Direct peer-to-peer partner integrations
  • New carrier integrations
  • UI plug in

Our documentation library gives you all of the information you need to learn how to use Electio. And through our developer portal your IT team can test the Electio REST APIs and discover just how big a game changer we really are.

And we can get you up and running in as little as three weeks.

For more info on APIs have a read of our Dummy's guide to APIs.

We'll do most of the setting up for you when it comes to rates and rules, based on parameters you dictate.

what we'll do


Complete the carrier verification process, confirm your account details and obtainapproval for your labels and data


Upload your existing carrier rate tariffs where relevant, using our simple rate upload tool


Set up your shipping locations and collection schedules from any number of collection points or warehouses


Set up the rules for the dynamic allocation engine to follow, based on your pre-determined criteria to produce the most efficient cost for your customers' delivery choices

Rules you set

With Electio you select the best and most efficient carrier based on a set of rules you decide, relating to:

electio carrier rulers
  • Parcel attributes
  • Speed of delivery
  • Cost
  • Carrier preferences
  • Packaging size / SKU
  • Shipping location
  • Cut off times
  • Proof of delivery required
  • Item value
  • Minimum or maximum volumes by carrier

once you're set up

  • Electio takes the data feed from your system and imports it into the dynamic allocation engine
  • The parcels are dynamically allocated to the most appropriate carrier for the delivery and a label is generated in milliseconds
  • Warehouse staff can then print labels and prepare the parcels for shipping in the fastest most efficient way possible
  • Electio automatically produces and sends the electronic manifest to the carriers, so you don't have to
  • If a parcel can't be allocated for any reason you will be alerted via the dashboard so you can take action

when the parcel

is in flight

Trackable parcels

Every parcel sent through Electio can be searched for individually and is fully trackable  through the dashboard. This way you can keep your customers informed.

Keeping things simple

The hundreds of ways that different carriers describe the events that happen to a parcel eg 'arrived at hub' or 'out for delivery' are standardised into one common language that can be easily understood by customer service, warehouse staff and your customer at home.

Instant alerts

When a parcel is delayed or can't be delivered, Electio will instantly alert you to these exceptions so you can proactively manage the situation, putting things right.

after the parcel is


Unrivalled reporting through Electio's Insight and BI module gives you clear measurement and understanding of carrier and financial performance, along with delivery experience and trends.

View Insight module

take a test


Our quick demo shows you how easy Electio is to configure and use.

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