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Consumers today expect choice. The Amazon generation are now used to being fully in control of their personalised shopping experience, from the platform they’re browsing on, to how and when things are delivered.

But with baskets being abandoned at a rate of knots, and a lack of delivery options a major cause of this, you urgently need a solution to help you grow and compete.

And it’s not just a substandard checkout holding you back. Lengthy carrier implementation processes and wasting time managing these different carriers is tedious. It’s also painful to find out the cost of owning your software is more than the promised savings. The final kick in the teeth is when parcels go missing and your customer knows about it before you do.

Forget all that. Enter Electio.

Electio is the new generation delivery management software that delivers what you and your customers need, tackling head-on the problems of inefficient carrier allocation and a lack of choice at checkout. With Electio, new carrier services can be integrated within a matter of weeks and warehouse operations can manage carrier performance from one simple dashboard, while effortlessly coping with any spikes in volume.

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why electio

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Service Orientated Architecture for faster integration, higher levels of resilience and the ability to scale


REST APIs that are quick to write and less dependent on expensive developer resource


A dynamic allocation engine that always selects the best service, according to rules you set


Invoice reconciliation and true cost management for 100% accuracy view invoice rec...

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